Silhouette series #01



Part one of images in the Silhouette series. Taken in Melbourne’s inner city suburbs.





9 thoughts on “Silhouette series #01

  1. Matt!
    Great photo. I like to know some more about this photo. Can you please tell us a little more it? For example, what kind of camera did you use to take the photo or why did decide to photograph this particular silohouette?

    • Hi Rowan! Thanks for your interest! I took the photo at Scotch College in Melbourne’s inner city suburbs using my iphone 4. It was late afternoon, the clouds had briefly parted to reveal the sun casting a great silhouette behind the gates.

      This is the start of a collection of silhouette images taken around Melbourne. Stay tuned for new images I will be posting more shots shortly. I would love to see some of your silhouette inspired images.

      • Hi Matt!
        I started capturing and collating my own collection of silhouette inspired images. I’ve called the collection The silhouette Story. The silhouette story starts with Chapter 1 – My hand. I’m not sure where the story might go, but as long as the images contain a silohoutte their story can be told. I’m curious if your silhouette images will ever feature in The silhouette Story. Perhaps you have your own silhouette story to tell.

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